Corey Wyatt - Broker Associate

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I hate sales. You are probably wondering what I’m doing in real estate then aren’t you? Real estate isn’t a sales position it’s a consultant position.

When people are looking to buy or sell a property, it’s important they know what they are doing. This is one of the largest financial investments you may ever make, so doing it wisely is VERY IMPORTANT.

How long will you keep this investment?

How will you get out of this investment?

What’s the future outlook on the area your property resides in?

Waiting tables in college at a high-end restaurant was very similar to my role as an agent today. Back then my roll was to enhance guests dining experience by making recommendations on food and wine pairings.

Real estate is no different. When considering the sale of your property there may be a number of menu items that you can do prior to the sale. Sometimes, it’s doing nothing at all or on the other hand it could be a total remodel. Maybe you are looking for a house that fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs without feeling like you have been ripped off or dragged through the ringer. My role is to make recommendations of options that best fit your situation and comfort level.

My style is very “coastal.” I take on a relaxed and transparent approach to helping my client’s get ALL the information that goes into the process of buying or selling so they can make an informed decision. The truth is, that opportunities in real estate come and go very quickly. By being armed with the knowledge of what to do and why they should do it, my clients can make a wise financial decision.

I’m not here to sell you on anything, but I am here to make your transaction more fluid. Buying or selling a house is sort of like surfing. It can be a lot of fun and get your heart pumping. However, in certain situations it can be a bit scary without having the experience of what to do next.

Over the last 20 years my family and I have learned the ins and outs of the San Diego area. Knowing the best restaurants, schools, shortest commute, hiking, surfing spots and the best real estate markets. These all come with the experience of living a Coastal Lifestyle.

If you are looking for a laid back, but informative experience in making a So Cal Coastal real estate decision, the Coastal Agent has your back.